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Hi I'm sending app requests invitations and my facebook friends aren't getting nothing. I'm using the Facebook API is loading perfectly in my page I can connect , retrieve the basic fb data, email and stream publish ... and right now I'm trying to send invitations from the same page using this code

PIGSKIN.inviteFBfriendsToGroup = function () {
    //console.log("invite FB friends");
        method: 'apprequests',
        message: 'Invita a tus amigos a unirse al PigSkin Caliente',
        display: "iframe"
    },function (response) {
        console.log("Response", response);
        var friends = response.to;
        if (friends.length > 0) {
              method: 'apprequests',
              message: 'Te invito a unirte al PigSkin de Caliente',
              to: friends.join(","),
              link: location.href,
              new_style_message: true
            }, function (response) {
                console.log("Response here  ", response);

I'm opening the apprequest dialog to select friends and invite them ,then I confirm the invitation request ..

enter image description here enter image description here

and it responds me this

enter image description here

the response object seems correct I guess ... but checking with my fb friends they didn't receive any invitation ... is this a facebook issue ? or I'm doing something wrong

Sorry I forgot to post my login:

FB.login(function (response) {
 if (response.status === 'connected') {
 PIGSKIN.FBconnect(); //Don't worry about this function ...     


Facebook documentation https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/requests/

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your FB.ui function is working perfectly, i've replicate the documentation example with your FB.ui code and the result was successful... Maybe it's facebook, or maybe the permissions on Caliente's fb-page... can't tell... Good luck.

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