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This is my code:

DateTime Tgl = Convert.ToDateTime(tgl.Text);
string SPKID = LibPNP.SPKID(r.Pers, "", "PO", Tgl.Month, Tgl.Year);

and I get this error:

No property or field 'Month' exists in type DateTime?

How I can solve the problem?

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What is thowing the error LibPNP, because DateTime certainly does contain Month –  sa_ddam213 Dec 6 '12 at 2:53

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Here you posted everything well. Probably you are having a typo in your code mixing Tgl and tgl:

You've got:

DateTime Tgl = ... //Tgl is DateTime

and some

tgl.Text //tgl (in lower case) some TextBox probably

I think in your code you have

//tgl - some TextBox, surely has no Month property
string SPKID = LibPNP.SPKID(r.Pers, "", "PO", tgl.Month, tgl.Year); 

while it has to be

//Tgl - a DateTime
string SPKID = LibPNP.SPKID(r.Pers, "", "PO", Tgl.Month, Tgl.Year); 

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