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In the function part2 I have the values being checked against each other to see if they are the same, and I even printed them out to see but the if statement isn't being executed even though they are! I cant figure out why this is happening


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which if statement are you talking about?? narrow it down and paste the relevant code here –  Cameron Sparr Dec 6 '12 at 2:56

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Your main problem is that splitLine = data[i].split("eats") does not strip out the trailing spaces, meaning that you will get an element like "Bird " instead of "Bird". When you print the two, you can't see the difference, but when Python compares them, they are two different strings. This looks like an assignment, so I would suggest looking into how to remove spaces after splitting a string.

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After you split the string, please use .strip() on the pieces. It'll remove all leading and lagging spaces.

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