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I have a select query which selects all products from my inventory table and joins them with two other tables (tables l_products and a_products)

ROUND((i.price/100*80) - l.price,2)      AS margin, 
l.price                                  AS l_price, 
a.price                                  AS a_price, 
ROUND((a.price/100*80) - l.price, 2)     AS l_margin 

FROM inventory i 
LEFT JOIN products    b ON  = 
LEFT JOIN a_products  a ON  = 
LEFT JOIN l_products  l ON  = 

a.condition LIKE IF(i.condition = 'New', 'New%', 'Used%') 
AND l.condition LIKE IF(i.condition = 'New', 'New%', 'Used%') 

This select query will normally give me a table such as...

id,        title, condition, margin, l_price, a_price ...
001-new    ...    new        10      20       10       
001-used   ...    used       10      25       20

Now I need a condition in the query which will ignore all used products that are more expensive (have a higher a_price) than their 'new' counterparts, such as in the example above you can see that 001-used has a higher a_price than 001-new.

How can I achieve this with out having to resolve to using php

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FULL JOIN this query with it self on a column which has a uniquely same value for each id prefix.

You may achieve this effect by adding another field to your SELECT call which produces same unique value for 001-new and 001-used, 002-new and 002-used...

Such value generation can be done by defining your own SQL Routine to extract first 3 characters from a column.

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