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I just have a question around updates that require multiple operations: if each OData-based operation is an HTTP Verb executed on a single resource (like POST to insert a new Order, and PUT to Update the available qty of a product; or say a client adds a new product, as well as a new category for that new product), does that mean when one calls SaveChanges in the client, each of these changes in a changeset would be a separate network call to the OData Service, using the required POST / PUT http operations on the relevant URI's?

Or does Lightswitch somehow bypass this oData rule of a single http operation on a uri, and instead pass the entire changeset to a single oData operation, which the server then deserializes and calls the relevant data update operations on the data provider? If so, what is that oData/http operation?

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LightSwitch makes use of OData batch processing to save all changes with a single HTTP request. The relevant URL to target is service/$batch

At the time of writing lightswitch actually doesn't support saving using multiple requests. This can cause problems when using data providers that don't support batch processing

You can find more information here:

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