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PHP die() clean all page

I check field 1st, if all correct, will pass to user check than email & password checking...

Therefor I use die to stop code keep going

however When I use die(), it kill all page, any way to keep all page but only echo out $error_message

It looks like jump into another page when I use die()


if(isset($_SESSION['firstname']) && isset($_SESSION['lastname'])){

$firstname="";  $lastname="";   $email="";  $re_email=""; $error_message="";


    if($firstname && $lastname && $email && $re_email && $password && $re_password && $age && $gender && $employment){}
    else{die($error_message="Please fill in all fields");}

    //USERNAME CHECKING////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    $connect=mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "");
    $database=mysql_select_db("phplogin", $connect);
    $namecheck=mysql_query("SELECT email FROM users WHERE email='$email'");
    {die("Username already taken");}

    if($email==$re_email && $password==$re_password){}
    else{die("email or password do not match");}

    //Checking valid email//
    $strpos=strpos($email, "@");
    {die("This is not valid email");}

    //Password length//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    {die("Password is too short");}

    echo "Register user!";

    $SQL="INSERT INTO users (email, password, firstname, lastname, date) 
    VALUES ('$email','$password','$firstname', '$lastname', '$date')";


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Um, change your die()'s to echo's? –  SenorAmor Dec 6 '12 at 3:11
You just asked a question that's pretty much the same. The answer is still the same: don't use die(). –  Amadan Dec 6 '12 at 3:11
I tried change die to echo, yet it didn't work when user don't fill all the form, it didn't show message and jump to next line - username already taken –  Ben Wong Dec 6 '12 at 3:15

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I believe your problem is here:

die($error_message="Please fill in all fields");

That means "When I die, assign this value to this variable".

It should look like this:

if(!isset($firstname) || !isset($lastname) || !isset($email) || !isset($password) || !isset($re_password) || !isset($age) || !isset($gender) || !isset($employment)){
    die("Please fill in all fields");
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die() is a language construct that is equivalent to exit(), they output a message and terminate the current script. So, anything after die will not be displayed.

I think you could put the messages into a variable such as $errorMsgs which type is array before you save user data. And then if the $errorMsgs is not empty, it means there may be some troubles. At that time you could pass those error messages to the next step.

The code looks like this:

$errosMsgs = array();
if(!$ok) {
  $errosMsgs[] = "Error message";
if(empty($errorMsgs)) {
    //Data saving and redirect into another page
} else {
    //display errors
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