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I have a subclassed UIImageView called STCIcon that is a subview of a tableView cell.

I am using FMMoveTable to have hold and drag sorting. Somewhat randomly and seemingly only on the simulator, sometimes after cells are sorted I get a zombie:

-[STCIcon release]: message sent to deallocated instance

I've used instruments to trace this down to: GSEventRunModal.

Obviously something is making a call on the STCIcon. I cannot find anywhere in my code where this is occurring. I'm really at a loss. When the FMMoveTable delegates for movement are called, the following functions get executed (by the cell):

-(void) prepareForMove{
     NSLog(@"Prepare For Move");
       [self menuToggle];
     self.textLabel.hidden = YES;
     self.detailTextLabel.hidden = YES;
     self.contentNumber.hidden = YES;
     self.acctIcon.hidden = YES;
     self.contentView.hidden = YES;

-(void) doneMoving{
    NSLog(@"Done moving");
    self.textLabel.hidden = NO;
    self.detailTextLabel.hidden = NO;
    self.contentNumber.hidden = NO;
    self.acctIcon.hidden = NO;
    self.contentView.hidden = NO;

self.acctIcon is the STCIcon instance. Initially I suspected this had to do with reusing tableview cells but I temporarily turned reuse off and still had the problem. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated and I'll gladly show any additional code.

EDIT: I suppose it's also worth noting I've commented out the self.acctIcon.hidden = YES and the corresponding hidden = NO and still get the crash.

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Are you using ARC? Also, have you run the static analyzer on your project? –  rob mayoff Dec 6 '12 at 6:10
Yes, using ARC... haven't ran static analyzer on it –  Jayson Lane Dec 6 '12 at 18:32
Product > Analyze or Command-Shift-B. –  rob mayoff Dec 6 '12 at 18:33
Done, I have a few dead stores and a potential memory leak but they're in another area of the app –  Jayson Lane Dec 6 '12 at 18:42

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