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In MATLAB (or more generally) if I wanted something to happen only, for example, every 50 iterations of a for loop how could I do this better than below? That is to not write out every possible value of +50. Thanks.

for i = 1:1060;
    if i = 50 || 100 || 150 || ... || 1050
        randi(i); % for example, just do something
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I don't know the MATLAB syntax, but you are looking for the modulus (remainder after division) function: E.g. if i mod 50 = 0 .. – Blorgbeard Dec 6 '12 at 4:24
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What you want is

if mod(i, 50) == 0
  do something
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I changed your answer (+1) to Matlab syntax (since it is a Matlab question), hope that's okay. Cheers. – Colin T Bowers Dec 6 '12 at 4:29

What you want is

for i = 0:50:1050

unless, it is unclear from your question, if the previous answer is what you really want, which you might need in the case that looks like this

for i = 1:1060
    if mod(i, 50) == 0


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