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My problem is that I can write a file on my tomcat localhost, but when I upload to the hosting server I don't see it anywhere in the directory and I can't get it by the link. I get a 404 response.

When create file I used this code:

    public class FileObject {
    String path;
            File uploadFile;
            public FileWriter fstream;

public void createFoler(String path){
    File newFolder = new File(path);

            } catch(Exception e){
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
public void createFile(String file){
        try {
    String fullpath= path + File.separator + file;
    //fstream = new FileWriter(fullpath);
            fstream = new FileWriter(file);
        } catch (IOException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        }catch(Exception e){
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block


and for the path I use this code to get rootpath:

      String rootPath = request.getRealPath(this.toString()).substring(0,request.getRealPath(this.toString()).lastIndexOf(File.separator));
   FileObject fo = new FileObject();
    //        fo.createFoler( "webDatabase");
   fo.createFoler(rootPath+File.separator+ "webDatabase");

I alse tried to use this:


but it didn't work either.

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What is the content of rootPath? – shazin Dec 6 '12 at 4:33
did you check your read/write privileges in the hosted environment? – dinukadev Dec 6 '12 at 5:26
@shazin: I put the code to get the rootPath on the jsp and it shows this: /usr/local/shared/tomcat/powdermachine/webapps/EEweb – Phạm Việt Sơn Tây Dec 6 '12 at 6:41
@dinukadev: i already set the write/read permission by ftp, but it didn't work , too – Phạm Việt Sơn Tây Dec 6 '12 at 6:42
since you have printed stack traces, just check your server log files – xeye Dec 6 '12 at 8:38

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Try this code instead of FileObject code

File directory = new File(rootPath+File.separator+ "webDatabase");
File file = new File(directory, "webDatabase.txt");
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(file);
fos.write(); // You content writing here
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thank you @shazin, I known what my problem is, it's because of the host, I just set read/write permission by ftp not on my host. I don't know why the host does not give me that permission, I will contact the host later. – Phạm Việt Sơn Tây Dec 7 '12 at 7:01

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