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I am writing a phonoe gap + android application. In the application, I want to download music files from the server and when he downloads files, he can play it using my application. problem is I don't want user to backup and share files that he downloaded from the server . For these music files, user has to pay.

when I check android system, I cant see any application installation folder for my application. Is it good idea to store downloaded music in my application installation folder? I dont encript music files but I want to store them application installation folder.

Is this possible with phone gap? Please give me your idea or any hint


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You can save the music file inside your app using /data/data/you app package name. As per requirement, I would give a condition check to see if the user has made payment, if he has then access media files located in app, else access file located on sd-card.

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I didnt find a methode from phonegap api to do that. –  kiriappa Dec 6 '12 at 11:18
Sorry, I do not have any idea of PhoneGap.This is what I would do in order to save to solve the issue.(Development IDE would be Eclipse) –  onkar Dec 6 '12 at 11:27

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