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I am developing an iOS application in which I want to retrieve my facebook friends & send it to server for checking who are already using this app using their email or phone number. Once I get friends who are not using my application then I will show "Invite" button to send an email to their email address with app store link to download the app.

But as per facebook permissions , we can not retrieve the facebook friends email address. Can anybody know how can I implement this feature in other way ? Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks.

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you can not retrieve facebook friends email address but you can post on their wall whatever link you want to post i.e. app store link to download the app.

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Thanks for reply... But I don't want to post on every friends wall. I want to post the link to only friends who are not using my app. –  iOSAppDev Dec 6 '12 at 5:16
you can categories your friends by registered and unregistered and then post on only unregistered friends wall –  Kaushal Bisht Dec 6 '12 at 5:21
How can I categories my friends ? On what basis because I can't retrieve their email address or phone number? –  iOSAppDev Dec 6 '12 at 5:22
FbaccessToken is generated for every unique fbid when you login to any app. If any of your friend has login to your app he will get a fbaccesstoken. You can save that fbid and fbaccesstoken to your server and check on that basis who is registered and who is not registered –  Kaushal Bisht Dec 6 '12 at 5:26
What if user revoked app from their facebook settings? –  iOSAppDev Dec 6 '12 at 6:15

You can give a look to my this thread.

Since facebook does not provide email address so the idea behind this solution to offer is that, you can send invite friend request with the link to your application at AppStore. I have briefly described the steps in link to follow in order to accomplish this case.

Invitation message might look like this:

I would like you to try XYZ game. Here is the link for this Application at AppStore: facebook ios sdk- get list of friends

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