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I want to try out Haskell type and data with the following code

type Program a = Maybe a -> (Operation a, Maybe Program a)
data Operation a = Read a | Write a

Program follows a continuation passing style (CPS) and Nothing indicates termination. a may be instantiated with Int or something else.

However, GHC complains that:

    Cycle in type synonym declarations:
      main.hs:1:1-58: type Program a =
                          Maybe a -> (Operation a, Maybe Program a)

I'm new to Haskell so I don't understand why this is not allowed. How can I express this type in Haskell?

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There are two problems here:

  • it should be Maybe (Program a), not Maybe Program a
  • type synonyms cannot be recursive

A working version would be:

newtype Program a = Program { runProgram :: Maybe a -> (Operation a, Maybe (Program a)) }
data Operation a = Read a | Write a
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Thanks. If I use this newtype and runProgram, could you pls show me how to call the function? – Xiao Jia Dec 6 '12 at 5:43
f :: Program a -> Maybe a -> (Operation a, Maybe (Program a)); f p m = (runProgram p) m -- runProgram is record field, so it can be called like ordinary function. – Vladimir Matveev Dec 6 '12 at 6:52

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