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i have call function on onkeyup event of textbox which pass the data using ajax.below is sample code of my function which in .js file.

var timeout;
function testfont(id,image) 
    alert('image');//when alert here it shows value
    timeout = setTimeout( function()
            var image = image.replace('_small','');
        } else {
            var image = image;
        alert('image'); //when alert here it show undefined
    }, 500);

But the problem is that i get the image value undefined inside setTimeout works perfectly without use of setTimeout but i need setTimeout function for event fire after some time.

how can i resolve this?

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Don't use tabs to indent posted code, use spaces. Better formatting should make it more obvious where the error is. – RobG Dec 6 '12 at 6:33
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You are making variables in each of your condition.

function testfont(id,image) 
    timeout = setTimeout( function() {
    image = image.replace('_small','');
        image = image;
    alert(image);//when alert here it show undefined
}, 500);
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Thanx a lot Akhil Sekharan it works perfect. – Jimmy Dec 6 '12 at 5:44

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