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I have string like this

This is ~test content ~ok ~fine.

I want to get "fine" which is after special character ~ and on last position in string using jQuery.

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You can use combination of substring() and lastIndexOf() to get the last element.

Live Demo

str = "~test content ~thanks ok ~fine";    
strFine =str.substring(str.lastIndexOf('~'));

You can use split() to convert the string to array and get the element at last index, last index is length of array - 1 as array is zero based index.

Live Demo

str = "~test content ~thanks ok ~fine";    
arr = str.split('~');
strFine = arr[arr.length-1];
alert(strFine );

OR, simply call pop on array got after split

Live Demo

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Thanks adil.... – Neel Jan 11 '13 at 7:09
first method not really working with my path, keeps the last "\" in the file name.. but second is spot on. thks! – StinkyCat Jun 6 '14 at 15:02

Just use plain JavaScript:

var str = "This is ~test content ~thanks ok ~fine";
var parts = str.split("~");
var what_you_want = parts.pop();
// or, non-destructive:
var what_you_want = parts[parts.length-1];
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