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I'm trying to access some resource concurrently, so I'm using lock.

object lockObject = new object();
    //Acquire some resources and do some operations  
//Pulse only the most recently joined thread in waiting list

But what I want is simply pulse only last thread (most recently joined thread in waiting list) and ignore other threads (deadlock, abort or starvation isn't the concern here). One option I can think of is using message queue and ignore all the messages except processing last one. Other than that how can I simply pulse the very last thread and just ignore other threads?

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post your code.... –  Mitch Wheat Dec 6 '12 at 6:38

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There are many ways to implement this. Here's one way.

You'll have a 'thread manager' which each thread will call to 'wait' for a resource.

This thread manager will essentially manage a Stack of WaitHandles. When a thread calls the manager, it will create a new WaitHandle, and push it to the stack, then give the instance to the thread, which it can wait on.

When your code wants to let the last waiting thread to pulse, it will pop the top most wait handle from the stack, and signal it.

(Note that this architecture relies on the calling thread to wait on the WaitHandle.)


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