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For some reason there's an error in the following query, it gives "FUNCTION j.CONCAT does not exist" When i remove the concat and just put .price there's no problem so the problem must be somewhere in the concat... The sql retrieves the bought also items from the database.

SELECT k.productid_with             AS productid_with, 
   g.product                    AS product_with_product, 
   j.CONCAT('€ ', price)   AS productid_with_price, 
   '') AS productid_with_image, 
   '') AS productid_with_bigImage, 
   i.CONCAT('€ ', price) AS price, 
   '') AS image, 
   '') AS bigImage 
FROM   xcart_also_bought k 
   JOIN xcart_products_categories c 
     ON c.productid = 8863 
   JOIN xcart_categories d 
     ON c.categoryid = d.categoryid 
        AND d.parentid = 0 
   JOIN xcart_products a 
     ON k.productid_with = a.productid 
        AND = 'Y' 
   JOIN xcart_products_categories e 
     ON a.productid = e.productid 
        AND e.categoryid = d.categoryid 
   JOIN xcart_products_lng g 
     ON a.productid = g.productid 
   JOIN xcart_pricing j 
     ON a.productid = j.productid 
   JOIN xcart_thumbnails o 
     ON a.productid = o.productid 
   JOIN xcart_bigthumbnails l 
     ON a.productid = l.productid 
   JOIN xcart_products b 
     ON k.productid = b.productid 
        AND = 'Y' 
   JOIN xcart_products_categories f 
     ON b.productid = f.productid 
        AND f.categoryid = d.categoryid 
   JOIN xcart_products_lng h 
     ON b.productid = h.productid 
   JOIN xcart_pricing i 
     ON b.productid = i.productid 
   JOIN xcart_thumbnails m 
     ON b.productid = m.productid 
   JOIN xcart_bigthumbnails n 
     ON b.productid = n.productid 
WHERE  ( k.productid = '8863' 
      OR k.productid_with = '8863' ) 
ORDER  BY bought DESC 
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Does it report CONCAT not exist or j.CONCAT not exist? – bonCodigo Dec 6 '12 at 6:40
@bonCodigo it reports j.CONCAT doesn't exists. – bicycle Dec 6 '12 at 6:41
kind enough to accept it as answer? :) so system will be updated that your question is answered as well. – bonCodigo Dec 6 '12 at 7:18
@bonCodigo Yeah sure of course. I first couldn't do it since stackoverflow told me to wait. Now it's done :) – bicycle Dec 10 '12 at 3:11
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Can you use it like this please?

CONCAT('€ ', j.price)   AS productid_with_price, 

CONCAT('€ ', i.price) AS price, 

And to tell you a secret :D MYSQL doesn't have j.CONCAT and i.CONCAT ........... It only has CONCAT

To point out explicitly, you are putting table alias on CONCAT function where as you should put it on your fields :)

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of course, why didn't i see that? :s thanks – bicycle Dec 6 '12 at 6:44
Your query is pretty long mate, so can't blame if your eyes go bonkers at times :D – bonCodigo Dec 6 '12 at 6:45

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