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  3. Get recognized for your expertise I am working on above project. user upload pic form 'upload' button and then 'select area' and then click 'mix' button. this will show the cropped area onto other image. click email link will compose two images.

But before that I want to let user 'rotate', 'zoom in/out' image before cropping the image.

am using jcrop, jquery ui draggable

here's the script :

$(document).ready(function() { 
    $('#UploadForm').change('submit', function(e) {
        $('#SubmitButton').attr('disabled', ''); // disable upload button
        //show uploading message
        $("#output").html('<img style="margin:45px 0px 0px 35px; " src="images/ajax-loader.gif" alt="Please Wait"/>');
            target: '#output',
            success:  afterSuccess //call function after success


function afterSuccess(){ 
    $('#UploadForm').resetForm();  // reset form
    $('#SubmitButton').removeAttr('disabled'); //enable submit button
        aspectRatio: 1,
        onSelect: updateCoords,
        bgOpacity: 0.5,
        bgColor: 'white',
        addClass: 'jcrop-dark',
        setSelect: [ 34, 50, 134, 155 ]

function updateCoords(c){

function checkCoords(){
    if (parseInt($('#w').val())) return true;
    alert('Please select a crop region then press submit.');
    return false;

$(function() {
        containment: $('#draggable3').parent(),
        cursor: "move", cursorAt: { top: 56, left: 56 },
         drag: function(event, ui) {
            // Show the current dragged position of image
            var currentPos = $(this).position();
            // $("#xpos").text("CURRENT: \nLeft: " + (currentPos.left-580) + "\nTop: " + (;
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You can use, I used and like it. In IE exists one bug - fix is described on Draggable element in VML get stuck when size change (height, width) in IE 8 (I want to add answer in comment, but don't have permission)

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I am sorry to add that it must work on android and ios as well. – Atul Dec 7 '12 at 12:58
you are right, this plugin not work on mobiles :) – Igor Ladela Dec 7 '12 at 13:15
Yes, only jcrop so far is the only one which works on all browsers and platforms. – Atul Dec 7 '12 at 13:19
So need to customize jcrop as much as can to suite the needs :) – Atul Dec 7 '12 at 13:20
Any sort of help is much appreciated ! – Atul Dec 10 '12 at 4:29

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