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I faced with the problem while creating new user test account through API, that the email format in the response is not correct.

here is my response:

{ "id": "xxxx", "access_token": "xxxx", "login_url": "xxxx", "email": "qapuvvl_schrockstein_1354772402\u0040tfbnw.net", "password": "xxxx" }

so it changes "@" sign to backslash.

any suggestion why it happens?

Thanks. Aleksey.

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The email id for the test users on facebook is of the domain tfbnw.net so it is not changing "@" to backslash but the JSON returned contains the Unicode form of "@" symbol.


You can change it back while you are deserializing the JSON array.

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thank you! tried to print from array, gives correct email. –  user1515962 Dec 7 '12 at 5:59

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