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Java import confusion

When i read play frameworks documentation, I found this.

import play.*;
import play.mvc.*; 

In the first line itself they have imported all the classes under play package. Then what is the use of second line. Check this link. Go to 'Providing an application error page' section.

Correct me if i'm wrong in imports concept.

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Thanks everyone. Shame on me for not concentrating on basic things. Eclipse is responsible for that. – Gugan Dec 6 '12 at 7:38

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Correct me if i'm wrong in imports concept.

You are.

Something like this:


only imports types from the package. It doesn't import from "subpackages" such as

It's very easy to test this:

import java.util.*;

class Test {
    public void foo() {
        Pattern p = null;

That won't compile, but if you add:

import java.util.regex.*;

then it will.

Java doesn't really think of packages as forming a hierarchy. We do, as humans, but as far as the Java language is concerned, the packages java.util and java.util.regex are entirely unrelated.

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import play.*;

will import all the types within; except those which are inside a sub-package.

import play.mvc.*; 

will import all the types within mvc package, which is sub-pckage within play.

You'll find this answer also helpful: Java import confusion

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The first line will import all classes, enums and interfaces in the same level of play.* but no subpackages. Therefore you need the second line.

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They are different packages. There is no concept of sub-packages in Java. The classes imported by play.* might as well be under work.*. From the standpoint of the JVM they have nothing to do with the classes under play.mvc.*. The naming convention is just a convenience for you to know that the packages are related, and play.mvc probably depends heavily on play.

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