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Recently i implemented ion_auth into my hmvc system. Now the problem is when i logout from my cms, logout is working, but before is destroying the session is showing me those errors:

Undefined index: session_id

Undefined index: ip_address

Undefined index: user_agent


now i don't know what is next lines of error cause is just for 1 second and then is destroying the session. Could this be a security issue ? Because if i turn off development mode it doesn't show anymore. Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks

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I will answer this problem by myself as nobody willed to help me :) so that was the causing problem

line 102-103
//log the user out
function logout()
    $this->data['title'] = "Logout";

    //log the user out
    $logout = $this->ion_auth->logout();

    //redirect them to the login page
    $this->session->set_flashdata('message', $this->ion_auth->messages());
    redirect('auth/login', 'refresh');

and I changed it to:

//log the user out
function logout()
        redirect('admin/login', 'refresh');


source: I tested myself and is working just fine :)

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