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I want to know whether it is possible to write pretty URLs in Code igniter or not? I mean i have a code igniter project in which i am displaying data from uri segments like this:


where 64 is the id of my category (e.g Garden Products )and 239 is my subcategory id (e.g Brushes).

Is there anyway I could write URLs like this in code igniter:

For categories:

http://myproj.local/Garden Products/

http://myproj.local/Household Range/

and for subcategories:

http://myproj.local/Garden Products/Brushes/

http://myproj.local/Household Range/Buckets/

Just like wordpress or other CMS.


http://myproj.local/Garden Products/Brushes/

http://myproj.local/Household Range/Buckets/

Is this the kind of thing that can be achieved in the Code igniter or not?? IF YES, then how can I do this and how can i write this in code igniter ??What approach shall i use to achieve this ? I would appreciate if you could help me in this regard.Thanks

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I have answered a simular question on this before.

Check this out and see if it helps.

Other options include database driven routing, take a look at this link.

Also there is an article/example on reverse routing here that may prove helpful.

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@Rooneyl.But it gives me an idea to replace ids with the names.My question is : How can make my url dynamic like wordpress etc as mentioned above: For example ( myproj.local/Garden Products/Brushes/ ) AND ( myproj.local/Household Range/Buckets/ ).Is this achievable in codeigniter?If yes,then how can I do this?? – Bilal Khalid Dec 6 '12 at 9:44
@BilalKhalid you could make every request go to a the default controller and have the look up function there where the first parameter is the category, second the sub category, the third the id of the product. – Rooneyl Dec 6 '12 at 10:12
@Rooneyl.How would i rename my URLs?And how would my controller check whether it is function name or my category or subcategory??Any example? – Bilal Khalid Dec 6 '12 at 10:18
@BilalKhalid I have updated my answer with some links to other resources, they should get you to where you want to be. – Rooneyl Dec 6 '12 at 11:45
@Rooneyl.Thanks Rooney.I appreciate your help. – Bilal Khalid Dec 6 '12 at 11:53

SEO doesn't recommend spaces in URL

you can refer to seomoz

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@WaleedAkleh.Ignore spaces.How can make my url dynamic like wordpress etc as mentioned above: For example ( myproj.local/Garden Products/Brushes/ ) AND ( myproj.local/HouseholdRange/Buckets/ ) instead of (myproj.local/category/subcategory/64/239).Is this achievable in codeigniter ?If yes,then how can I do this?? – Bilal Khalid Dec 6 '12 at 9:47

This why you have the routes file,however i know only of hardcoing categories, dunno about doing that automatically. you can do something like this :

$routes['Gardents/Products'] = "category/subcategory/64/239";
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Instead of using IDs, you can use unique string names so http://myproj.local/category/subcategory/64/239 becomes just http://myproj.local/category/subcategory and then use routes to redirect anything that's not e.g. images, css, etc. whatever you use, to be redirected to a common controller/method which takes category and subcategory as parameters.

Also, CodeIgniter has a nice helper function url_title that will help you write unique string representations of your categories and subcategories... You just need to make sure they are unique.

The other way is like others said, make a whitelist in your routes file and make each redirection manually.

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