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I've just started using IntelliJ (I'm used to Eclipse) and I've come across something that really annoys me. Wether its me or IntelliJ, I dont know, but I really want this fixed..

Everytime I open a new project the "Maven home directory" setting is reset and I therefore have to set this every time I open a project I havent opened before.

Is there any way to set this settings permanently/globally?

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You can change it in the Template Project Settings so that all the new projects inherit this setting. You can access it from the File menu when the project is open or from the Welcome Screen: Configure | Template Project | Settings.

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I would place your settings which are valid for all projects into maven/conf/settings.xml and not into the users home directory. Then set the environment variable M2_HOME to the maven folder. IntelliJ should then be able to auto-detect the maven installation. It does not look like it reads the settings.xml from the maven setup but it does use it, you don't have to overwrite the settings.xml in the idea settings dialog. just leave the default in place. But I think you need to set the M2_HOME variable in your system.

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