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Having a template function -

template <class B>
B getValue (B& map) {
    // implementation ...       

To this function a pass a map , like -

map<string,double> doubleMap;
getValue (doubleMap);

So for example in this case, if I want to set the return value of the function to double according to doubleMap I should extract the value type of this map , also if I want to declare on a double (or any other type according to the passed map) I must have this ..

How can I get it ?

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std::map defines the member types key_type and mapped_type.

What you want is B::mapped_type, which will be double in your case.

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You can create a template that receives a container and exports its type arguments with a typedef: (an example for general tamplate argument type retrieval)

template <typename>
class GetTemplateArgs {};

template <typename ARG1, typename ARG2>
class GetTemplateArgs<std::map<ARG1,ARG2>>
    typedef ARG1 KEY;
    typedef ARG2 DATA;

template <class B>
typename GetTemplateArgs<B>::DATA getValue (B& map) {
    // implementation ...       

And of course you can then make it more specific for a map, so it will only recieve a map as the argument.

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