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I'm a little bit confused by the behavior of the multiplication operator * when scipy sparse matrices are involved. It seems the operator implements matrix multiplication, not component-wise multiplication as it would with numpy arrays.

Some code to check this:

from scipy.sparse import lil_matrix
A = lil_matrix(-numpy.eye(2))
b = lil_matrix(numpy.ones((2,2)))
print (A * B).toarray()

results in:

[[-1. -1.]
 [-1. -1.]]

The documentation of the scipy.sparse module does not really go into details on this, and I wonder whether there is a clear specification of the multiplication behavior somewhere?

Furthermore, are there some clearly defined rules for multiplication operator with scipy sparse matrices and numpy matrices or arrays?

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Yes, it is matrix multiplication in all cases.

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Is it documented anywhere? –  silvado Dec 6 '12 at 15:28

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