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I have a problem linking an application for an embedded target. I'm developing on a windows box using Min-GW for an ARM9 target that runs under Linux.
Actually I'm switching from static linking to dynamic linking with .so-libraries to save memory space.
I get the error message undefined reference to `__ASSERT'

I checked all the sources for the lib and I have no idea where this function could be called. Is there any possibility to find out, who (which source file or function) could be the caller of the missing function?

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On my Mac, the linker prints out a list of callers underneath the "undefined reference" error message. Maybe you could try a different linker. –  Rob Kennedy Sep 3 '09 at 18:27

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The reference is probably being hidden by a macro. If you run the compiler with the -E option to generate predecessor output you might have a better chance of tracking it down.

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very simple, and very good advice, thanks a lot! –  chrmue Sep 3 '09 at 15:34

Try to add definition NDEBUG.

In C, compiling with NDEBUG defined:

gcc -DNDEBUG foo.c

disables all calls to assert(), and this behavior is identical in C++:

g++ -DNDEBUG foo.cpp

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