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I am using poplib to get email from the POP3 server.

But this error occurred:

*cmd* 'USER xxx@gmail.com'
*put* b'USER xxx@gmail.com'
*get* b'+OK send PASS\r\n'
*resp* b'+OK send PASS'
*cmd* 'PASS asdasd\n'
*put* b'PASS asdasd\n'
*get* b'-ERR bad command qj1pf12899100pbb.19\r\n'
*resp* b'-ERR bad command qj1pf12899100pbb.19'

here is the python code:

import getpass, poplib
def LoginGmail( email, pa ):
    M = poplib.POP3_SSL('pop.googlemail.com', '995') 
    user = email
        print('Invalid credentials')
        print('Successful login')

in main():

However, in the function, when I try to type in the password (indicate as 'pa') and direct input, it works. It doesnt happen for user.

Please help, i've been trying for a day to figure it out but seem impossible for me :(

Thank you

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Found the problem, when it read the password:

*cmd* 'PASS asdasd\n'
*put* b'PASS asdasd\n'

somehow it also read the \n that contains illegal character. Solve by removing the \n for each of the input value.

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