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I have a question regarding Excel and how it saves/exports its worksheet as html.

If I have a long text in an unmerged cell of a worksheet, and when I export the worksheet as wep page, why does the text of the cell break into multiple lines in the html source code?

For example, Cell A1 has text Select X and Y, and run XYZ code to blah blah blah. When the worksheet is saved as a web page, the source code looks like:

<tr height=20 style='height:15.0pt'>
  <td height=20 class=xl1511698 colspan=5 style='height:15.0pt'>Select X and Y,
  and run XYZ code to blah blah blah</td>

Select X and Y, in one line, and and run XYZ code to blah blah blah into another. Is there a way to prevent this? Some VBA code, or built-in settings?

I need this information because I have a macro code that scans each line of the exported html file to search for some text. If the text appears broken in the html file, the macro couldn't find it.

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You could just replace all line breaks before searching. – Tim Williams Dec 6 '12 at 16:11
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It appears that the lines in the HTML text file wrap at around 80 characters. I don't see any obvious way to change it and suspect that since line breaks like this aren't usually significant in HTML, it can't be changed. If I insert a line feed in my Excel cell (using Alt+Enter) it's reproduced in the HTML output as a <br>.

You asked this:

why does the text of the cell break into multiple lines in the html source code?

.. and the answer isn't very useful, I'm afraid: "because it's made that way".

You made a not unreasonable assumption about the way that the file would look: unfortunately in this case the assumption proved to be incorrect. Can you make your code smarter, so that it looks for text within <td> and </td> tags across physical lines in the file?

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makes sense to search for text within <td> and </td> lines of code. Thanks, your answer is helpful. – user1492667 Dec 6 '12 at 16:45

Well, I found a workaround too. I use the following VBA code to open the html file for editing:

Open filePath For Input As #nextFileNum
  oldFileContents = Input$(LOF(nextFileNum), #nextFileNum)
  Close #nextFileNum

and then using the following lines of VBA code, I tidy up the tags so that all text (actual content) appear in one line:

oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, vbCrLf, " ")
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, Chr(13), "")
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, Chr(10), "")
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, "&nbsp;", " ")
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, ">", ">" + vbCrLf)
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, "</", vbCrLf + "</")
oldFileContents = Replace(oldFileContents, "  ", "")

this formats the html source code as:

<tr height=20 style='height:15.0pt'>
<td height=20 class=xl1511698 colspan=5 style='height:15.0pt'>
Select X and Y,  and run XYZ code to blah blah blah
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