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i am trying to list tables from a database, when i use the below syntax

ResultSet rs = md.getTables(null, null, "%" ,null);

this returns me all the tables, views, index, system_tables from the database.

but i need only list of tables from the public schema so i have given the below syntax,

ResultSet rs = md.getTables(null, "public", "%" ,"TABLE");

which shows me the following error

required: String,String,String,String[]
found: <null>,String,String,String
reason: actual argument String cannot be converted to String[] by method invocation conversion

just need to list the tables alone from public schema.

plz help with the syntax

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Pass an array with one value "TABLE" as last parameter. See Brian Agnew's answer –  Germann Arlington Dec 6 '12 at 10:05

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The Javadoc suggests your last parameter should be an array of strings.

public ResultSet getTables(String catalog,
                           String schemaPattern,
                           String tableNamePattern,
                           String[] types)
                    throws SQLException
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The signature for getTables() expects an array as the fourth argument. Try

ResultSet rs = md.getTables(null, "public", "%" ,new String[] {"TABLE"} );
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it worked thanks for the answer. –  MAHI Dec 6 '12 at 10:09

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