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public class UnitTest1
    public void TestMethod1()
        var key = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        key.Add("CPLID", new object());
        key.Add("EqID", new object());
        key.Add("Shift", new object());
        key.Add("DateTime", new object());
        key.Add("UpdateDateTime", new object());
        key.Add("No", new object());
        key.Add("LineStop.Remark", new object());
        key.Add("IsRemark", new object());
        key.Add("DispatchID", new object());
        key.Add("CopperID", new object());
        key.Add("CopperLV", new object());
        key.Add("InThickness", new object());
        key.Add("InWidth", new object());
        key.Add("OutWidth", new object());
        key.Add("OutLength", new object());
        key.Add("OutPiece", new object());
        key.Add("WeldingNum", new object());
        key.Add("GuideNum", new object());
        key.Add("Supply", new object());
        key.Add("Produce", new object());
        key.Add("ReturnMaterial", new object());
        key.Add("StartTime", new object());
        key.Add("EndTime", new object());
        key.Add("PrelineNum", new object());
        key.Add("SelflineNum", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessModeNum", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessResultNum", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[0].CopperID", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[0].Mode", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[1].CopperID", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[1].Mode", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[2].CopperID", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[2].Mode", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[3].CopperID", new object());
        key.Add("ProcessMode[3].Mode", new object());
        //key.Add("ProcessMode[4].CopperID", new object());
        //key.Add("ProcessMode[4].Mode", new object());
        DictionaryValueProvider<object> ob = new DictionaryValueProvider<object>(key, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);


Above sample test code running in MVC3 is work. howerver, "ContainsPrefix" method is fine at MVC3,but It's don't work correct at MVC4.

And then, when I try to add more item. Something like ProcessMode[4].CopperID and ProcessMode[4].Mode (remove comment).. It work correct at MVC4.

I think it is very strange,

The problem sometimes make an error: "Post a ajax with json content" and DefaultModelBinder that it produce an data which it is faule.

Is the method ContainsPrefix is different in MVC3 and MVC4?

12/7 update


the same question, it let me cant use MVC4

search for prefixes string with 'binary search'

make the '.' and '[' skips match

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forums.asp.net/t/1856357.aspx/… think this bug is fowllow this forums –  張銀展 Dec 7 '12 at 3:23

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