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I use this technique to allow users to post a message / link from my website on their timeline:


It works, as the image and text are displayed on their feed. However, when the post is added, the user who posted it can see a "Promote" link in facebook (under the post, as you can see on the screenshots on the above link). This invites them to pay to facebook to make it a payed ad. I would like to remove this link, to make sure it is treated as a normal post.

I also would like to add the normal "Share" link , so people can, if they like, share the post/link with other facebook friends.

I can't find any suggestinos or information in the facebook dev area regarding this.

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i don't think it's ever possible. facebook would explicitly not want it as its an income mechanism for them –  Can Poyrazo─člu Dec 6 '12 at 10:41
You can not change this and have no control of it at the moment. This is a newish feature that Facebook has rolled out and it doesn't appear on every post... Not much we can do about it...sorry... –  Lix Dec 6 '12 at 10:51

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