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I have a remote project which I use for my work; this is on a Debian OPS and I access it through SSL. The project is on the remote machine under SVN control.

Is there a way for me to connect NetBeans to the repository and commit to it directly?

Does the option "Import into svn repository remote project" allow that?

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Yes just checkout the project right from NetBeans

Follow the steps

  • Open netbeans and click on team menu in toolbar

  • From team menu select subversion and select checkout.

  • Once your checkout is done then it asks you to create project locally,Please do create it

  • Then, it automatically sync up with your repository in remote server.

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I dont get you. you only get the connection via svn not the remote acess... How do you make it sync with the remote repository??? I need to have svn and remote acess asyncron... i need the svn for team work and conflict solving, and the remote acess for my machine. –  Sangoku Dec 6 '12 at 15:00

Ok, i figured it out :3

Here is how you can hack netbeans to have svn and remote in same project

  1. connect to your remote server, pull the whole project.
    • it will be located somwhere in your user files like documents/netbeanprojects/name of the project.
  2. Now go the folder and check out the repo from the original svn server...

  3. DONE you have svn with remote :3

(laugh evilly)

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This did the trick. –  TomTom Jan 11 '13 at 12:40

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