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I am building up a user creation page (controller/module: User) which has UI controls (DOJO filterselectbox, username, etc.). The UI controls get populated with a Json service deployed as module (module name/controller) myService, and action populatelist().

populatelist returns data as Json to client and the client dojo ui elements use that as a memory store.

I have 2 modules, User and myService. For the User module, I have setup default page as register and in register.phtml as given below. I have added logic for user input validation and data post.

module.config.php of module: User

'defaults' => array(
                   'controller' => 'User\Controller\User',
                   'action'     => 'register',

Json is registered in module myService. register.phtml makes a call like:

myservice = new dojo.rpc.JsonService("myService/populatelist");
var dojoDeferredObject=myservice.getCategoryList();

//comment: getCtegoryList is actual method of remote object which returns the json data

When I open the url as http://localhost/user, any reference to myService JSONRPC call works perfectly fine: it parses the JSON call as http://localhost/myService/populatelist and I get the data I need.

When I access the url as http://localhost/user/register, things fail with 404 page not found exception for every Json RPC call. Reason is, the RPC call is going on a non-existent path, i.e. http://localhost/user/myService/populatelist instead of http://localhost/myService/populatelist.

Somewhere I have missed a configuration which is resulting in this issue. I do not want to hardcode path of Json service Module myService.

I believe the problem is this line:


in the below code, used to set up the Json Service. This is adding up to the path which does not exist. But I am not sure how can I control it as I want a separate module for Json service.

$class = "MOCAPI\Model\MOCGuest";
        $server = new Server();
        //echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'];
        if ('GET' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) {
            $smd = $server->getServiceMap();
            // Set Dojo compatibility:
            header('Content-Type: application/json');
            echo $smd;
            return $this->getResponse();
        } else {
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