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I am trying to keep the tail end of the split

myLink = link.split(/\d/, 2)[1]

However the string it is splitting

link = 1 some text 800 hello world

would get split like:

some text

I end up losing the tail end 800 hello world.

What can I do to keep this information.

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This is because you are passing a limit of 2 to the split function so you are only getting two results in your split array. Omit the 2 and you'll get them all:

var splitArray = link.split(/\d/);
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Hi you can use,

        myLink = link.split(/\d/)[1];
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var link = '1 some text 800 hello world';

var myLink = link.match(/[A-Z\s]?[a-z\s]+|[0-9]+/g);


This will definitely lead you for what you want.

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Use look ahead in regexp

myLink = link.split(/(?=\d+)/, 2)[1]
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this returns 1 some text, 8 in the array so the [1] = 8 – Anicho Dec 6 '12 at 11:43
var link = "1 some text 800 hello world";

var myLink = link.split(/\d+/,[0-9]);

alert(myLink[1]); //this will give you some text
alert(myLink[2]); //this will give you hello world
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I want to keep the second set of numbers. – Anicho Dec 6 '12 at 11:49

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