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I need to generate custom reports using Sonar sql server database data. The structure of the database is quite confusing me. How can I get below details of my project? LoC(lines of code) Rule Compliance % Comment % Public Documented API % Security Violations Violations (excluding Info) Duplicated Line %

Once I get these details how can I stucture my report because root data is having many childs.

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I think you probably really want to use the web services to extract data, rather than reading from the database. See http://docs.codehaus.org/display/SONAR/Web+Services for documentation.

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I don't recommend to directly request database because it's not considered as an API. It deeply evolves over time.

There are currently two reporting plugins that generate PDF :

If you want to generate your own report, then you should implement a plugin or request web services from a dedicated application.

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