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I have a set of results that I've extracted from a database and cleaned up using regex: AOC/BEA/TA/MMSC/T/ACCTT/ACCTESC/T/SRTTA/TA/

Now each letter combination is a product ID.

I need to save each ID as a separate variable to then echo later in the page.


$Link1 = AOC/
$Link2 = BEA/
$Link3 = TA/

The PHP to get the ID is:

$History = $DataRow["ProductID"];

$HistoryEdit =  ereg_replace("[^A-Z\/]", "", $History); 

echo $HistoryEdit;

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Use an array rather than separate variables:

$Links = explode('/', $HistoryEdit);


$Links[0] = "AOC";
$Links[1] = "BEA";
$Links[2] = "TA";

and so on.

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Ah genius! Thanks so much for this! Been racking my brain for ages!!!!!! – user1875554 Dec 6 '12 at 12:28

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