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I am having problems opening files in SQL Server Management Studio.

I can connect fine to the local database (SQL Server std. 2008 R2), but when I do File > Open > Open File, the dialog just hangs until it says 'Not Responding'.

It does eventually connect, but hangs for a period of 20-30 seconds to navigate between each folder on the local network.

I do not have the same problem navigating the same folders with windows explorer or Visual Studio 2012. It seems that this only occurs with SQL Server Management Studio.

I have tried to find a thread to find a resolution, but the only thread I did find had the link removed to the solution!

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If you have any network share, remove it and try.

Probably, Open file dialog is stuck at one of the mapped drive?

Also, check http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/20725/sql-server-management-studio-slow-opening-new-windows

Hope that helps. PS: Have you installed latest SP?

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One of the network shares was down so was causing issues - even though it wasn't the one that I was navigating to. It's funny how it's only SQL Server management server that throws a wobbler over this! Thanks! –  Andrew Kelly Dec 6 '12 at 12:04
Yup. Truly funny how MS works :-) –  Milind Thakkar Dec 6 '12 at 12:38

I'm running Windows 7 and SSMS 2008 and was also having this very frustrating problem, but only with SSMS. I tried opening each of my mapped drives, and I disconnected any that had invalid paths. No more problem!

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I was having this problem, and I do have network shares. I upgraded SQL Server 2008 R2 to service pack 2. Now the problem is gone. I didn't have to touch my network shares.

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I had the same issue, every time i click open file dialog for sql file, ssms just hangs and takes 30-40 seconds to respond. I uninstalled SQL Server 2005 32 bit on 64 bit windows 7 and installed 64 bit of SQL Server but the problem did not resolve.. I found there was a network drive unmapped, I deleted unmapped drive and problem resolved with no delays. I am surprised how weird it is that unmapped drive can cause problem in sql server tools performance.

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I have an solution very easy:

  1. Close the SSMS with the Task Manager.
  2. Open again SSMS.
  3. Solution:
    • Tray generate an script from any Database (only tray, until appear the Open File Dialog).
    • Close the Open File Dialog.
    • The problem is solved.
    • Now you can use the "Open File Dialog"
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