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In ASP.net I created a folder browser that allows the user to browse folders on a server. It does this by using a treeview. When the user clicks to expand a node, my app uses an update panel to refresh the dialog and add the new nodes. This is accomplished by recursively adding nodes for each parent node. I did it this way, as opposed to just building a list of all folders and their sub directories because that would take way to long. The problem is that it runs fine locally but when I host it, expanding folders become way too time consuming. By adding some debugging, it seems like the problem is when I check to make sure the user has access to the folder (this takes about 4-5 seconds, with a folder containing 40 or more sub folders, this adds up). If the folder is a shortcut to a shared folder on another server, this is what takes the most time. Ultimately, what I am trying to do is take a folder, get all child folders within it and check to make sure there is read access. If it has read access, create the node for the treeview. This is the code Im using to check for access:

Private Function checkAccess(ByVal getDir As IO.DirectoryInfo) As Boolean
        Dim dSecurity As DirectorySecurity = getDir.GetAccessControl
        Return True
    Catch ex As Exception
        Return False
    End Try
End Function

Does anyone know of better, and faster, method to accomplish this?

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I don't think you will find faster way, are there any reason you cant cache access rights? –  Arsen Mkrtchyan Dec 6 '12 at 12:04
How would I go about doing that? It may be getting cached already. After the node is created the first time, it's no longer so slow to expand that node in future uses. Once the page refreshes, though, it seems to be reset –  jason Dec 6 '12 at 12:13

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