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I have an applet running in jnlp. My single jar file is signed. I accept the permissions prompt each time the JNLP client is launched. I can obtain the BasicService but it still throws a url permission denied exception when I try to follow a URI:


The file is present on all the Windows client machines I've tried and there are no security issues with opening it.

The issue happens when using a 32 or 64-bit JRE on the client. The server is 32-bit but I would think this irrelevant. The only clue (or red-herring perhaps) is that I get no security exception when the client and server are on the same host. If I use a remote client then I get the exception.

Whilst I needed to include the jnlp.jar file to compile the code, I assume it is not needed on the client if run using Java WebStart.

What else might you need to know? What else should I try?

Later that day...

Now this may or may not be a bug, it may be something wrong with the parameters in my jnlp file but I suspect that I'm using the wrong approach. Just to reitterate I'm trying to open a file:// url.

Here is what I am now doing:

I assumed that the Desktop facilities were only available in a Desktop Application - not an applet. I was wrong (and the documentation is scant - even on this hallowed site the only reference tells me to use JNLP Services for an Applet and Desktop for an Application) - Wrong (thankfully)

So you can use Desktop (having first checked that Desktop.isDesktopSupported() of course) in an applet - as long as you are running through WebStart not embedded as an applet.

I would propose the following approach to anyone.

  1. See if Desktop is supported and use that.


  2. If not then see if you can get the Basic JNLP Service.

    BasicService bs = (BasicService)ServiceManager.lookup("javax.jnlp.BasicService");

    and if that is available the use it with boolean openedOK = bs.showDocument(url);

  3. Finally resort to the applet API.

    AppletContext context = applet.getAppletContext();

    context.showDocument(url, targetFrame);

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"file:// url" I am pretty sure I have seen a closed bug that decided that BasicService.showDocument(URI) & possibly also the applet method were 'not intended' to work for file based URIs. Wish I could find it now.. In any case, why not access the file according to the code base or document base? – Andrew Thompson Dec 7 '12 at 7:55

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