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I'm trying to get to use Nifty in my Slick game. However, i can't figure how to even get started. I've found this tutorial:


But as i am very new at Java, i have no idea where to put the code lines in the tutorial. For instance, i probably need this:

// in NiftyGame, NiftyBasicGame, NiftyOverlayGame and NiftyOverlayBasicGame
protected void initGameAndGUI(GameContainer container) throws SlickException;

How can i add this to my Slick game?

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This seems to be not about nifty or slick2d, but a rather fundamental question. But you DO know, how java programs work in general, yes? –  Polygnome Dec 6 '12 at 12:50
I suppose, i've at least made a chat with players moving around using Slick and Kryonet :-P –  Patrick Reck Dec 6 '12 at 12:51

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What the comment // in NiftyGame, NiftyBasicGame, NiftyOverlayGame and NiftyOverlayBasicGame means is the class that you write should extend one of these classes (NiftyGame, NiftyBasicGame, NiftyOverlayGame). Then you'll want to implement some logic - refer to the link you provided for details on which functions you'll want to override to do this. Hope this helps you get started.

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