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I have created a local database db.mdf in VS2010 asp.net website. In there are a few tables.

Now I need to rename the tables. But query designer doesn't let me. How do I rename those tables?

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may be this will help you select table in server explorer press f2 or rename table by right click option. –  Mohit Dec 6 '12 at 12:55

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  1. In Server Explorer, right-click the table you want to rename and choose Open Table Definition from the shortcut menu.

The table opens in the Table Definition window of Table Designer. 2. Right-click the table in the Table Definition window and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. 3. In the field for the Name value in the Properties window, type a new name for the table.

  1. To cancel this action, press the ESC key before leaving this field.

  2. From the File menu choose Save table name.

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Rename database tables in Visual Studio:

  1. Server Explorer
  2. Right click on the tables
  3. Click the Edit Table Schema
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