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We have a requirement for an android application that can record live video from a camera and save it to a file. The application will detect portrait/landscape mode of the cell phone and will draw a rectangle as an overlay over the live video of the camera. This rectangle will always be drawn in landscape mode and will have an aspect ratio of 16:9 . Only the contents inside the rectangle need to be recorded.Is it possible to record only the contents inside the rectangle

Regards Sabarish

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What you can do is record the video as the camera on the device will give it to you and you process it afterwards: either using a library on the device (might cost you a lot of battery) or off-device, on a server the app connects to. On the server you crop the video using one of the many tools out there: Virtualdub, AVI Demux, AVISynth, Xvid4PSP up to Vegas, Premiere and FCP.

"Cropping" a video means decode, and re-encode.

I have only worked with audio and maybe you find something similar to the audio APIs where you have:

  • high-level API MediaRecorder which does almost all the job for you (you can only change a few recording and encoding parameters)
  • low-level API AudioRecord which allows live processing of the audio stream while recording.

This answer explains the difference.

Maybe you find something similar in the video world.

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