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I'm trying to build a html table in Ruby On Rails with the help of the content_tag method.


@template.content_tag(:tr, @template.content_tag(:td, options[:argument0]))

This should render to

<tr><td>content of argument0</td></tr>

What I need is something like

<tr><td>content of argument0</td><td>argument1</td> ... </tr>

Can i build this with the same methode? How can i pass two content_tags?

Thanks for an answer!

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You can use concat :

    @template.content_tag(:td, options[:argument0]).
    concat(@template.content_tag(:td, options[:argument1])).
    concat(@template.content_tag(:td, options[:argument2]))
    # ....

Or using a loop - as OP suggested in the comments

rows = returning "" do |cells|
   5.times do |i|
     cells.concat @template.content_tag(:td, options["argument#{i}".to_sym]
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