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This works :

body = '{"name":"123"}'

json_string = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode body

But this fails

body = '{"name":"123//"}'

json_string = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode body

If i add a space to the end of string then that works too

body = '{"name":"123// "}'

I have verified all 3 json strings from http://jsonlint.com/

I am using Rails 2.2.2 , Can anyone help me with this.

I also tried using the JSON gem with JSON.parse , no help but

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sounds like a bug, try: json_string = JSON.parse(your_string) – apneadiving Dec 6 '12 at 13:19
ah!!! tried that already – shekhar khanna Dec 6 '12 at 15:51

Hmmm interesting indeed. It seems as if escaping the / with ascii notation works (at least in my version of rails, which is 3.2.1, so it can well be that it doesn't work with your version). I think as a workaround this should be all right if it works for your version. ActiveSupport::JSON.decode "{\"foo\":\"\57\57\"}"

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