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I have a cgi script that contains a select box where the end user can submit multiple options or only one option. This selection tag is named "parameters". See here for an example....


When this form is submitted with multiple options selected the URL looks something like this...


or if the user only selected one option it looks like this...


My form is declared as...

import cgi
form = cgi.FieldStorage()

So when the user selects multiple options and submits the form, the data type of form['parameters'] is a list, however, when the user only selects one option and submits, the data type of form['parameters'] is an instance...

Multiple Options (returned as list):

[MiniFieldStorage('parameters', 'option1value'), MiniFieldStorage('parameters', 'option2value')] 

Single Option (returned as instance):

MiniFieldStorage('parameters', 'option3value') 

My question is....

Since the form['parameters'] can be a list or instance depending on what the user submits; what is the best way to process these two data types ? The output I want is a list variable containing the optionsXvalues selected on the form. So far the best I can do is this...

if type(form['parameters']) == type([]):
    l = [ x.value for x in form['parameters'] ]
    l = [form['parameters'].value]

I've done it this way because simply using form['parameters'].value produces the following exception when the user selects multiple options.

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'value'

So is there a better way than my if/else statement based suggestion above? I was hoping some of you python guru's would be able to suggest a better way to do this.

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What you could do is use:


This provides the value of all the different input types with the same name, namely parameters.

This is what i gathered from http://docs.python.org/2/library/cgi.html in 20.2.2 where they suggest this is the case when you expect there could be multiple items with the same name field.

Hope this helps though i reckon you already found this yourself.

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