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Basically I am extracting some log entries from an Event Log, formatting it, and then want to write it to a text file I will then email over. This is for Windows Server Backup monitoring purposes.

New-Item -ItemType directory -Path C:\WSBReports\
New-Item -ItemType file -Path C:\WSBReports\DailyReport.txt

$yestDate = (Get-Date) - (New-TimeSpan -day 1)
# echo $yestDate
Get-WinEvent -logname "Microsoft-Windows-Backup" |
            where {$_.timecreated -ge $yesterday} |

Format-Table TimeCreated, ID, ProviderName, Message -AutoSize -Wrap > C:\WSB_Reports\DailyReport.txt

Firstly - it says it cannot write to the file, because it doesn't exist? Even though I created it above.

And also - I think the logic is wrong as I need to always overwrite this file each time the script runs, is this possible?

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New-Item -Type directory -Path C:\WSB_Reports\

$yesterday = (Get-Date) - (New-TimeSpan -day 1)
Get-WinEvent -logname "Microsoft-Windows-Backup" |
            where {$_.timecreated -ge $yesterday} |

Format-Table TimeCreated, ID, ProviderName, Message -AutoSize -Wrap | 
out-file  C:\WSB_Reports\DailyReport.txt
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It still generates the error - Could not find part of the path... – PnP Dec 6 '12 at 13:49
@TheD Added the creation of the folder. In you OP you create a different folder respect at where you want to save it ;) – CB. Dec 6 '12 at 13:58

Get-WinEvent -logname "Microsoft-Windows-Backup" |
            where {$_.timecreated -ge **$yesterday**} |

$yesterday is undefined since your spell for the variable is $yestDate!

My following script is working as expected

Get-WinEvent -logname "Application" | where {$_.timecreated -ge $yestDate} | format-table ItemCreated,ID,ProviderName,Message  -AutoSize -Wrap > C:\WSBReports\DailyReport.txt
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Facepalm ! Thanks for the obvious pointer :) – PnP Dec 6 '12 at 14:54

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