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I'm trying to port a wide Visual Studio (2008) Project to Linux System.

Do somebody know if it exist a way to easly "transform" the .vcproj file into a makefile?

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Easiest would be to just learn how to write your own Makefile. It's quite simple.

But other than that you could try

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Unfortunately, it appears, this tool depends on Windows to even compile. –  Clearer Dec 13 '14 at 12:12

Maybe this can help you, but you need to handle whit you outputs in the original code


or sln2mak

i hope this can help you

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You can use Winemaker, which is part of WINE: something all major distributions already include.

On Fedora, which use yum, you can, as root, run yum install /usr/bin/winemaker to install it. This will probably also work on other yum based operating system, but you may have to provide another path, if winemaker is packaged to install in /usr/bin (which I doubt will be the case).

Once you have converted the project, consider using Autotools instead -- it's, in my experience, by far the simplest build tool available and is very easy to learn and use. Just don't be scared to poor documentation you will often find lying around. The only files you have to edit are and files.

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