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I use a Proxy to use the bq tool to import data into bigquery, but my Proxy requires that i specify both the domain and all potential public IP addresses that it will need to allow out. I have it set to allow the googleapis.com and google.com domain, but for some reason the bq tool seems to connect often directly to an IP. Therefore I need to specify each of those IPs in the Proxy configuration to be able to connect to Bigquery. Currently the list of IPs I am using is,, and I know this can change and there may be more IPs that it connects to. Is it possible to get a range or list of IPs that I can put into my proxy configuration so I do not get interrupted uploads when the IP changes due to load balancing, etc.


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What proxy are you using? –  Michael Manoochehri Dec 18 '12 at 7:56

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As with all Google APIs, it is not possible to provide a list of IP addresses or IP address ranges for the BigQuery API. Google's API have a range of IP adresses that are dynamic and change to accommodate changes in demand.

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