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I write application in Lua with Corona SDK. I want to post some unique text with Facebook feed dialog. My code is:

facebook.showDialog( "feed", {message = "This is my unique text"  }  )

I tried also:

local text_arr = {}
text_arr.text = "This is my unique text"
facebook.showDialog( "feed", {properties = text_arr }  )

Both of them don't work. I don't see the "This is my unique" string on my wall after dialog publish action. So , how can I do it? Thanks

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Did you logged in to facebook using facebook.login( ) first? – Bruno Domingues Dec 13 '12 at 3:22
Yes, I logged before with facebook.login() – Tatiana Dec 16 '12 at 11:45
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After the user logs in to facebook, which you need to do with:

facebook.login( appId, listener )

You can now send requests to the facebook graph API using request function:

facebook.request( "me/feed", "POST", {message = "Hello Facebook"} )

You can check the documentation page here

If you really want to use the dialog, which I have never tried, I suppose you have to define some more parameters:

From what I can understand from and it should turn out to be something like this:

facebook.showDialog( "feed", {
    redirect_uri = "YOUR_URL",
    link = "YOUR_LINK",
    picture = "YOUR_PICTURE_URL",
    name = "DIALOG_NAME",
    caption = "DIALOG_CAPTION",
    description = "DIALOG_DESCRIPTION" 

Some properties are probably optional, so mess around with it a bit...

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