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I have read the following advice for converting UTF-8 encoded(Hebrew) XLS to CSV via Google Docs, and it worked. When I open the CSV in Sublime2 with UTF8 encoding the Hebrew is showing correctly. But then, when I try to import the Data to My DB using SQLyog, after making sure that both my target table and the import definitions are set to UTF8, I get Jibrish, like: מדרשות Where did I go wrong?

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The best way to export from excel to csv is:

  1. Open the excel file and click on "Save as..."
  2. Insert a name and then in "Save as File Type" select "CSV (Comma delimited)"
  3. Then, click on "Tools" and select "Web Options"

  4. Go to "Encoding", under the option "Save this document as" select "Unicode (UTF-8)".

Listo! I couldn't leave the answer in the proper question : (

Original post found> eHow(spanish)

Some images of this. enter image description here enter image description here

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The solution I came up with was skipping the conversion from CSV to SQL using RegExp. Something like:

FIND: "(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)" REPLACE: INSERT INTO aminadav VALUES (NULL,$1,"$2",$3,"$4","$5","$6","$7","$8","$9","$10");

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