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I tried the below code :-

def temp-table tt-dg1 field dtoday as date column-label "dg " .

buffer tt-dg1:BUFFER-FIELD("dtoday"):column-LABEL = buffer tt-dg1:BUFFER-FIELD("dtoday"):column-LABEL + "77".

display buffer tt-dg1:BUFFER-FIELD("dtoday"):column-LABEL.

create tt-dg1. dtoday = today.

display tt-dg1 with frame f2.

Expecting field dtoday to now have a column-label of 'dg 77' but it's still 'dg ', I need this to add week numbers to the standard column-labels of a spreadsheet I am creating.

Any help gratefully receieved :)

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This feels like a fault. It does not appear to work when overriding it on the temp-table.

If you define your field in a frame before display then you can overide it there.

form tt-dg1.dtoday with frame f2.
tt-dg1.dtoday:label = "MyLabel".
display tt-dg1.dtoday with frame f2.

That may or not help depending on what you are doing.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond, I need to be able to set it in the temp-table as this is then being passed to the program that creates the multi-tabbed spreadsheet. – NinjaWfc Dec 10 '12 at 8:42

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